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Satellite Handheld Signal Jammer 500g Net Weight 1 - 15m Jamming Radius

Product Details

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: VBE

Certification: ISO9001

Model Number: VBE-8H

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs

Price: Negotiable

Packaging Details: Carton with Netural Packing

Delivery Time: 5-7 Working Days

Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, , L/C

Supply Ability: 10000pcs per month

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cell phone blocker


cellular signal blocker

Product Name:
Handheld Signal Jammer
Power Supply:
140×75×35 Mm
Net Weight:
8pcs Small Omni Antennas
Jamming Radius:
Product Name:
Handheld Signal Jammer
Power Supply:
140×75×35 Mm
Net Weight:
8pcs Small Omni Antennas
Jamming Radius:
Satellite Handheld Signal Jammer 500g Net Weight 1 - 15m Jamming Radius

Mobile phone / Satellite signal / Wifi Jamming Blocker , Handheld Signal Jammer


Product Introduction:


       Handheld mobile phone signal shielding device(aka portable mobile phone jammers / breaker / suppressor / chopper / isolator / meeting the confidentiality of information)
is a high-tech product which is using foreign advanced technology,according to the actual situation of domestic and foreign mobile communication by carefully developed.Mainly for domestic and foreign some special need security and confidentiality of small places, such as private boss, confidential office, negotiation rooms,flow of vehicles, mobile politicians and business leaders escort site, etc.It can range from 1 to 15 meters in radius (usually about 5-80 square meters).Blocking GSM/CDMA/DCS/PHS/3G/4G/wifi signal,make the area of the phone can not play and answer,and will not interfere with other electronic devices in the environment.When the phone away from the shielding range, you can resume normal use.Give you a security.


Product Fetures:

  1. Compact size - easily put in the bag or purse
  2. Built in rechargeable lithium battery
  3. Can be charged by AC adapter or car charger
  4. Frequency selectable:GSM , CDMA , DCS , PHS , 3G , 4G , GPS , WIFI , UHF , VHF , Etc.
  5. No harm to human body or other electronic devices
  6. Easy to operate, easy to use in mobile;
  7. Using alloy wire drawing shell, surface uses the international most advanced secondary oxidation 8 processing, total transmit power is 4W;
  8. Continuous operation, stable operation, long service life;
  9. Sustained shielding GPS signal,harmless to the human body;
  10. Signal corresponding shielding, do not interfere with other signals;
  11. Small volume,easy to carry;
  12. Battery life 2-3 hours.


Product  Applications:

  1. A special need for security and confidentiality of small places;
  2. Private boss office, confidential office, negotiation rooms;
  3. Defend the scene of the moving vehicle,mobile political and business figures.
  4. Party and government organs, enterprises of all kinds of small or temporary conference room;
  5. Personal life or business, special needs.


Product Specification:

Band Frequence Range Average Output Power  
CDMA Frequency


3G Frequency


WIFI Frequency

2400-2500 MHz

GSM Frequency


DCS Frequency


GPS Frequency



140×75×35 mm

Weight 500g
Output power4 4W Power Supply AC110-250V/DC +12V
Woking Temperature -40-50℃ Relative Humidity 30-80%
Jamming Signal 2G/3G/WIFI/GPS Jamming Range 1-15m
Output Port 8 Ports Changeable Signal GPS/WIFI/VHF/UHF


Product Image:

Satellite Handheld Signal Jammer 500g Net Weight 1 - 15m Jamming Radius 0




Why is there still a signal on the phone's signal indicator when it works?
A: It's just an illusion.In fact, the mobile phone has been unable to communicate.When you press the pull button, you will find that there is no signal on the signal indicator.The cell phone signal shield will not interfere with the normal work of other electronic devices. The antenna should be installed on the corresponding signs of each channel on the host, and then connected to the host power supply.

The effective coverage of the shield is a circular area centered around the shield, so be careful to choose the location of the shield so as to avoid blocking the dead Angle?
A: No.This is because the electromagnetic signal emitted by the cell phone's signal shield is completely within the country's mobile operating band, which only blocks mobile communication.And this signal is always in a relatively static state, and will not affect any electronic equipment.

Are cell phone signal Jammer harmful to people and mobile phones?
A: Please rest assured that the electromagnetic signal intensity emitted by the cell phone signal Jammer is very weak. The test data indicates that this signal strength is far from harmful to the human body.At the same time, the mobile phone signal shield is just blocking the forward signal of the phone, so that the cell phone cannot be connected with the base station, so there will be no damage to the phone itself.

Is there any difference between the effective shielding distance of the mobile phone signal shield in indoor and outdoor use?
A: There are.The effective shielding distance (30-40 meters) of the cell phone signal shield is generally referred to as indoor distance.In open areas, the effective distance of shielding can be several hundred meters.It should be noted, whether they are within the room, or in outdoor use, effective shielding effect of shielding distance has relationship with environmental conditions, such as from the base station near and far, placed, etc.Therefore, when using cell phone signal shield, this factor should be fully taken into account to avoid blocking the dead Angle and thus affect the shielding effect.

Is the cellular signal shield the same for GSM mobile phones and CDMA mobile phones?
A: that's a good question.Because CDMA mobile phone's anti-interference performance is far superior to that of GSM mobile phone, the effective shielding distance for CDMA mobile phone is smaller than that of GSM mobile phone, but the difference is not very large, about 2-4 meters.But it also reminds users to pay attention to some particularly important sites, and should increase the number of mobile phone signal blockers when necessary to ensure the shielding effect of CDMA mobile phones.

After working for a period of time, the mobile phone signal mask is hot. Will working long hours damage the machine?
A: thank you for your care. This is a normal phenomenon.In the design, we use the thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy to assist the heat dissipation.This can guarantee long time stable work.As a result, the machine will not damage the machine.



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